VJ Academy with Travel Channel


For almost 20 years we have been running our VJ Bootcamps all over the world.

We have trained more than 5,000 people to work in this way, from London to Japan.

But now, with the web going to video, the demand for these skills is greater than ever. The ability to take a camera and a laptop and produce a good piece of video will certainly become a necessary skill for anyone who wants to participate in the 21st Century in any creative way.

Up until now, our courses have been mostly for professionals…. and admittedly very expensive.

Now, however we have entered into a partnership with The Travel Channel, part of Discovery Communcations, to run 4-day course, open to everyone.

And… The Travel Channel is looking for content – so you can not only learn how to shoot and cut, you can also sell it back to them and get on air almost immediately.

This seems like a pretty good deal!

Here’s the contact info: www.rosenblumtv.com


3 responses to “VJ Academy with Travel Channel

  1. I think this sounds great, but the classes appear to be just as expensive as your regular bootcamps. Actually more expensive, as you have a 5 day bootcamp for the same price.

    I love this blog, and I find it very inspirational. I am hopeful that one day you will turn one of your bootcamps into an online experience so that more people can participate from anywhere in the world.

  2. Hi Rob
    No, it is not cheap, but cheaper than we charge corporate clients. What it does have is Discovery as a partner – there’ll be lots of producers from DCI there – and Discovery is looking for new talent, (and by the way, will buy the final product from the bootcamp for air on the spot if they like it). As for offering the training online, stand by. this is coming wrapped in something I think you will find very interesting. Should have it posted by Thursday, at the latest.

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