Burn It To The Ground

thanks Jeff Jarvis!


7 responses to “Burn It To The Ground

  1. There’s the Rosenblum I know and love.

  2. i am proud to say…..i drink the rosenblum kool- ade. while i do not have many friends in the newsroom, i feel alot more confident about the future by taking rosemblum, sechrist, heaton, safran, and jarvis quite seriously. this session from nab was awesome. so was the vj session with sechrist and rosenblum. plus, the vegas weather was PERFECT last week !

  3. off topic a wee bit…

    i wanted to point out to “mel taylor” the fact that you’re leaving a gaping whole in the myfox concept by not pointing the entire string of names “you” currently own to its corresponding site.

    myfoxphilly and all the myfox names are a great way to tie together stations across the country. the problem lies when “you” assume i’ll know to contract philadelphia to philly. it is a serious mistake many myfox destinations are now overlooking. considering “you” own them, why not use them?

    you’re not alone. myfoxnewyork still doesn’t resolve to myfoxny…and vice versa. i assume it is like this in other cities as well.

    i said it when fox first announced this move and i’ll say it again “great idea”.

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  6. This so speaks to me as a photojournalist making the jump to working as an Indie VJ. Michael hit it dead on – The democratization of news is key to keeping people truly informed instead of filtering the news based upon corporate agendas – well done!!! WTH is with someone making that obscene amount of money to read someone else’s copy???

  7. Bravo Michael – simply outstanding!

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