Sechrist + Rosenblum = Professional VJ Training


Now available to anyone…….

Mike Sechrist, GM forWKRN is leaving his job.

He was and remains one of the greatest champions of the VJ model.

And at WKRN he made it work, and showed massive profits from his website.

He understands how it works in the real world.

We did a lot of training sessions atWKRN, and Sechrist understood the value of VJs and what they could contribute to a newsroom. Even if you don’t buy into the full blown VJ model, you can’t deny the importance of learning the skill set. Even the addition of a few well trained VJs can vastly improve the performance of your newsroom, and provide original video to your website.

Or if you’re a newspaper, you might want to think about training some of your reporters and photographers to work in video. On their own.

For any professional in the broadcasting world, the ability to shoot, cut, produce and upload your own stories, on your own, is paramount. The way the world is going, its probably the most powerful skill set you can have.

It makes you a triple threat – and highly employable.

Mike saw the value of this at WKRN. So that’s why he and we are joining forces to offer Professional VJ Training. Based in Nashville, it is a week that will change your professional life – or your newsroom forever.

This is a training course geared strictly for the professional.

If you’re a producer or reporter we’ll teach you to shoot, cut and upload.

If you’re a former photographer we’ll teach you to write and the basics of journalism (you’ve been watching it long enough!).

If you’re a writer or radio journalist we’ll prepare you for the world of online and on air video.

If you want to function as a journalist in the digital world, it is a week that will change your career.. and your life.

I am delighted to be working with this man. He is a visionary and a real pleasure to spend time with.

For more information, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


6 responses to “Sechrist + Rosenblum = Professional VJ Training

  1. Wow. Massive announcement. Should truly kick this concept up to the next level. Congrats and goodluck, Mike & Mike.

  2. that’s quite a score, rosenblum.

  3. please explain these “massive profits” on WKRN and the HUGE traffic spikes there…

    if you are going to boast about them, please tell me

    1) the revenue (broken out for TV and web)

    2) the profit margin (broken out by web and tv)

    3) the change in uniques to year over year….

    4) the change in local uniques to year over year

    if you are going to brag about it then you need to back it up

    I wont believe anything you say until you provide these numbers.

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  5. Jim, you must not be as interested in the numbers as you are professing your disbelief in them, because it looks like all the blogs listed at allow you to directly access the webstats right from the main page. I can see, for instance, Nashville Is Talking (just one blog) got about 6,000 unique visits just today. Can you provide numbers as transparently as WKRN has for any other station blog that does anywhere near these numbers? I can’t.

  6. Mike Sechrist is a freakin’ moron!!!

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