What’s Your Trip?


$1,000 if your video appears on the show… not a bad deal…..

Citizen Journalism or “The Revolution” in television production is all fine, but there has to be a market for your work. What’s the ‘entry level’ slot for someone with an idea and a camera?

ABC, CNN and NBC all have places where you can upload ‘citizen news’ to their sites. They get free programming. What do you get? F&*%$d? That’s about right.

In partnership with The Travel Channel, we have designed a new show called “What’s Your Trip”, hosted by Anthony Bourdain (author Kitchen Confidential and Cook’s Tour) and star of Travel Channel’s most successful series: No Reservations. (Produced by the brilliant Zero point Zero, Lydia Tenaglia and Chris Collins).

What’s Your Trip is a weekly half hour that showcases travel videos that you have made. Everyone takes a video camera along on a trip. Most people shoot tons of stuff that only a few relatives and very close friends get roped into seeing. The arrival of home editing gear has opened a door for vast change.

We’re looking for the innovative, the creative, the clever and the funny. Its a great opportunity for those who want to be filmmakers, tv producers or visual story tellers. We see it very much as the new ‘entry level’ to the television business. And we’ll pay up to $1,000 for each video used. We’re also looking to find and nurture talent with an eye to bigger projects in the future.

The pilot show, shot today, will air May 21st. The series shortly thereafter.

This is a unique opportuity to leverage off ‘Citizen Journalists”, or in this case perhaps we should say, “Citizen Producers”. The cheap gear is all about the ‘democratization’ of the medium. Now comes the production side.

If you have a video, or would like to learn more, contact us: http://www.rosenblumtv.com


15 responses to “What’s Your Trip?

  1. Sounds like an interesting idea, and it’s a hopeful sign that the host is Bourdain, not Bob Saget. Good luck.

    BTW, what is Travel Chanel buying for its $1,000? Unlimited telecast rights? Internet rights? Subsidiary rights? Are the rights that it’s purchasing exclusive, or could the creator sell the rights to others as well? Whatever the deal, it’s got to be just about the world’s least expensive programming–apart from Bourdain’s outrageous fee, of course.

  2. Discovery takes all rights, as usual, but frankly for a rank amateur, its a pretty good first shot. Pays a lot better than youtube, and its nice exposure.

  3. This sounds like work for hire – but as you stated Michael, it is an excellent way for a newcomer to get a lucky break so to speak.

    Unfortunately, it seems that this is the state of the media industry as a whole – rates for quality content creators has been on the down slide for the past few years which does make it difficult to make a living.

    OTOH, most of the shooters I know have WAAAY too much gear IMHO – I think making the one person production strip down to the bare essentials puts the shooter in an excellent position of becoming as David Dunkley Gyimah I think stated “Jack of all trades, master of many”.

  4. Hey Cliff
    David Gyimah was one of my first VJ trainees when we did Channel 1 in London. Its a very small world out there.

  5. So this is a VJ show with a host(anchor)? I guess there is still hope for wannabe anchors.

  6. He’s not a VJ, but he has written 2 bestselling books. So maybe there’s hope for authors?

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  9. Hi Michael – David and I email back and forth since I find alot of what you are doing not being available here in the PacNW of the U.S. You both are my primary lifelines to what is happening in the VJ scene 😉

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  12. I think the world deserves an apology from the producers of this programme, and I bet they know why.

    What an embarrassment. If I were Bourdain, I would sue the network and producers to have the masters burnt and all traces of this fiasco expunged from the record.

    Take care,

    Stéphane Langevin

  13. “I think the world deserves an apology from the producers of this programme, and I bet they know why.”

    Hey, who do you think you are jumping ahead of the line like that, if you are looking for an apology from Rosenblum for all his screw-ups take a number and get on line.

  14. My goodness
    How is it that a blog posting from May 2007 suddenly gets so much attention? That certainly is peculiar now, isn’t it.

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