KGTV VJs – How Does it Work?

KGTV tells their story better than I could

Here is a look at how VJs work in local news.

It is produced by KGTV, where we will be next month to do another round of training.

Ed Quinn brought the project to KGTV and has been a big supporters. Derek Dalton is the GM and has backed this 100 percent, and Gary Brown the ND has done a stellar job of implementation.

When we started, Dalton said that at KGTV they would do it ‘their way’.

I was skeptical.

I was wrong.

I think it speaks for itself.

And it speaks well.


4 responses to “KGTV VJs – How Does it Work?

  1. Now this is what I am talking about – she expressed so well by saying it’s more intimate, more personal.

    This is the very essence of what the new breed of Video Journalism should be – More food for thought – Thanks Michael 🙂

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  3. yeah…cause no one ever got close to anything with a full sized ENG camera before! Gimme a break! The whole premise for why it’s better journalism is that you can get the lens closer and edit at starbucks? Sorry, but you didn’t sell me.

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