Travel Channel Academy – Day 1


First day… first class… Lurleen lectures…

Almost six months ago, we entered into discussions with The Discovery Channel about partnering in a training school where anyone could learn to shoot, cut and produce content for TV shows and the web.

It was the logical next step in a world of “User Generated Content” – teaching people how to use the tools at their disposal and feeding the exploding demand for content.

Discovery was nervous – they had never entered into a business like this before, so we agreed on a test pilot.

We would run it in Miami, and if we did not get more than 12 people to sign up for the 4 day course ($2250) then we would cancel it. We would cap the pilot class to 20, if we got so far.

The first day we opened for enrollment we got 370 people. We have more now, and so we are busy planning a roll-out of courses for the next year.

In the meantime, we kicked off the pilot project yesterday.

So far, so good.

We’re working out of the Discovery Channel offices in Miami. We’re shooting on a range of cameras, from Sony Z1’s to Canon HR-20s. (We’re not sure which works best yet for these purposes). We’re editing on FCP. We’re taking the group out for Chinese food for dinner.

So far, so good.

We’ll keep you informed. Today is only Day 2.


3 responses to “Travel Channel Academy – Day 1

  1. you recall me asking about the price of various cameras you showed in your past postings?

    you might have wondered why.

    it has to do with my 17 year-old daughter; something like this would be a great experience for her… and she likes chinese food too!

  2. Good luck Michael on your first Travel Channel Academy and please keep us updated on how it progresses.

  3. Hi Invited
    Our lawyers tell me that the age limit is 18… however… we have already had several inquiries for 17 year olds.. and we are now trying to create an ‘educational’ division. This is with Travel Channel at the moment but I will be back to you as soon as possible.

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