Travel Channel Academy – Day 2


so far…. so good

Second day at the Travel Channel Academy and things are going quite well.

Our group of 20 students have shot their first piece and they are in the middle of cutting it. We will screen their first cut work in about an hour or so.

The Academy is part of a much larger project with The Travel Channel.

We hear a lot about UGC, or User Generated Content; and we know that there are thousands and thousands of people who have cameras and edits and would like to make content.

At the same time, there is an explosive demand for video content – web, phones and of course cable programming. How do you ‘feed the beast’ and at the same time maintain quality control.

We think you can do it by training people, getting them into a kind of partnership with you and then paying for their work.

The Academy is the first tier in this ladder – training.

Our new series, “What’s Your Trip” with Anthony Bourdain is the second tier, a broadcast platform for their work.

There will be more tiers, and more platforms to fill.

But we’re the first to vertically integrate the process.

We think its pretty smart.

And so far, its seems to be working.




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