Beyond Mentos and Coke Bottles….


The Class of 05/07

On Sunday afternoon we concluded the first ‘pilot’ of the Travel Channel Academy VJ training course.

It was a great success.

20 students from across the US gathered in the Discovery offices in Miami to engage in a four-day intensive video bootcamp. They shot, they cut, they scripted and they uploaded. Then they graduated and received certification.

Now they are the very first of an army of video content producers we intend to create and certify around the world.

By now, everyone is aware of the idea of User Generated Content or UGC, but most of it is a mess – done at random, with varying degrees of quality, both editorially and technically. Yet… the potential and the desire is there.

What we have now done is begun the process of bringing order to this mass movement.

By putting people through a standardized training, a place where we can spend time with them… and they can spend time with us, we can help focus and mold this potentially powerful force.

The trainees not only received instruction in the technical aspects of making video, and in the basics of story telling – they also had an opportunity to meet with executives and producers for Travel Channel, to hear what the channel was looking for – and to let them speak directly to the channel.

It was a unique bonding experience for both sides…

And just the beginning.

We have a whole slate of programming – both online and broadcast that will grow out of this VJ army.

And we have many many more bootcamps projected for the next year.. and more.

This is an entirely new way to think about creating product.. but so far, it works.


Pat Younge, President and GM for Travel Channel explains concept….


5 responses to “Beyond Mentos and Coke Bottles….

  1. Congrats to the first graduating class of Travel Channel Academy.

  2. The updates are great and I can’t wait until the next Academy. You should definitely swing by DC for it.

  3. I find it fascinating that the women outnumber the men in the class photos you’ve shared. It’s not even close to 50/50.

    I wonder… why is that? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, of course. It’s just fascinating.

  4. I loved the class. Can’t wait for the advanced class! Wish I had more outlets to feel that creative. By the way – while I appreciate the small cameras, their versatility, and the quality of their video… The big camera went further in buying me legitimacy when out in the field. Can’t tell you how much I loved the field assignments! Thank you!

  5. PS – Please post more pictures! Would love to see them. And, did Tim say to hold out on purchasing Final Cut Studio 2 due to an update shipping later this year? Should I wait? Thanks again.

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