What’s Your Trip…..

Guy Bauer’s video submission on his trip to Ireland made it into the pilot for What’s Your Trip with Anthony Bourdain. But I also loved Bauer’s travel video to Poland.

The home page for the show is finally up as well. Check it out at www.travelchannel.com/yourtrip.

Check it out.


4 responses to “What’s Your Trip…..

  1. Anthony Bourdain was a huge celebrity before the Travel Channel lured him in. Kitchen confidential was huge – and brilliant!

    When I first saw the “Do you want to be the next Anthony Bourdain” spiel I was tempted to point out that Anthony was hired as an engaging storyteller not a videographer.

    I don’t have a TV so watching the intro videos from the current crop of TJs was the first I had seen. You (or whoever) did a great job selecting your TJs – not all the choices were obvious but they all worked outstandingly well.

    Great job

  2. Thanks Peter

    I first ran into Bourdain when I was running NY Times TV and we produced his first TV venture based on Kitchen Confidential. However, real credit to developing him as a television talent (and they have done just a stellar job) must go to Lydia Tenaglia and Chris Collins. They are an extremely talented husband and wife team, and have worked with him for years and their company zeropointzero.com produces No Reservations.

  3. Anthony is one of the more entertaining, and educating, personality’s on TV. COming from a family who has cooked and my learning to cook at the age of 12, his insights have given me a fresh perspective on the indulgence of fine food and wine.

    One of the best shows worth watching right now IMO.

  4. How nice it is to watch a travel show featuring a real person doing real things! All too often I find myself stuck watching a travel show that just shows me how the host travels, instead Tony actually shows the viewer how to travel. I am very appreciative of his honesty.
    Are there any plans for “Bourdain-type” spin offs?

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