Cross Pollination


Zoe Randall, alumnus from the Miami Travel Channel Academy bootcamp last month drops by KGTV professional bootcamp to take a look at her possible next step.


5 responses to “Cross Pollination

  1. Excellent to see another VJ who has gone outside the so called established way of doing things and still making it.

  2. Yep Cliff! She’s doing something you don’t seem to be able to do! Get a job as a VJ!

    Not only that! The job is in traditional media. An existing television news operation! Granted, she’s working as a one-man-band but she knows like all of us with real jobs, that’s just a starting point. Not a finishing point.

    She is one smart cookie! Getting paid for her work and moving up!

  3. i’d say that is a personal attack.

    ! haven’t worked for somebody in 10 years, yet i’m doing fine.

    your idea of success is warped. but your boss has one fine homey on her hands.

  4. To the original ! – Thanks for posting the obvious 😉

  5. I’m laughing.

    So you claim you haven’t worked for anyone for ten years? Even freelancers work for someone. Unless of course you, like Cliff, don’t VJ at all and spout off about something you know nothing about.

    That would not surprise me in the least.

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