Two Pieces from KGTV Bootcamp

The KGTV bootcamp is proceeding extremely well. So well in fact that I am already posting two of the ‘training’ pieces, done on the fourth day of training. Looks like everyone has done a great job, but as I can’t post them all,  here is a initial look:

Exotic Cars by Bob Lawrence

Shopping Carts by Joe Little

Both of these were shot on P2s, cut on FCP on laptops and done in one day turns.

Congrats! I think we can expect great things in the future…


7 responses to “Two Pieces from KGTV Bootcamp

  1. Hi Michael,

    so the 5 shots still work like a charm! Good stuff.

    BTW, regarding the first video: On you find lots of pictures of wrecked exotic cars to shed tears over. A wrecked Porsche is such a heart-wrenching sight!

    And I too loved the report on the dangers of shopping carts. My, I never knew…

    Greetings and Congrats

  2. Watching closely

    What exactly was the point o f the cart story?
    Why was the reporter sitting in the cart?

  3. I’m probably opening a can of worms for myself but I thought I’d answer Watching Closely (very Deep Throat of you).

    Just like phones, cars, and oxygen, shopping carts are a part of every day life that make that life very easy. I decided to take a tounge-in-cheek look at the abuse the carts cause and how we abuse the carts. It wasn’t meant to be a big, A-Block piece. I do those most of the time. I’m sorry I let you down or I’m sorry you didn’t get it.

    As for the stand-up, sit-down in the cart bit? You got me. I have no real excuse. I was trying to be creative and punish the intern by making her push me in the cart. I didn’t need a “stand-up” there. But it was a training piece and I felt creative. I promise never to sit in a shopping cart again.

  4. Joe
    You guys are doing a great job. The video speaks for itself – that’s why I posted it….and we are just at the very beginning.

    The greatest benefit of this technology is authorship…and as more people experiment and find their ‘voice’ we’ll see a greater range of creativity.
    This expanded range will doubtless upset those who are used to cookie cutter formats for news. Too bad for them. Push the envelope. You only get progress by taking risks!

  5. Joe (or Michael or anyone) – first great work.

    Once the TV news shows die where do you see the market for this type of mini-feature that now finds a home at the tail end of news shows.

    I am sure Michael is right in insisting that the web is going to destroy the rituial of watching a 30 minute news show on days when there is only 5 minutes of news.

  6. Shopping cart story was effective and standup was catchy…a relationship shot/maybe a bit wide to establish might have been nice. There’s also a good story in the shopping cart “rescuers”…folks who contract out with markets to gather carts on a weekly basis…

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