KGTV Class of June ’07


Newly minted grads from our most recent VJ Bootcamp in San Diego


10 responses to “KGTV Class of June ’07

  1. ! wish all of them success (define that as you wish).

  2. I swear I see hair and teeth. So I guess they aren’t mutually exclusive 🙂

    Does minting mean you “struck” them?

    I found a quote from TJ Mary from 10 years ago when we didn’t know that we couldn’t build a log house, so we just did it. We decided to film it like a “This Old House” episode – my only training in house building. I was working on the computer while the tape was transferring to DVD this morning and I hear TJ Mary say, “well, I guess I’ll never be a professional cameraman.” as she is pointing the camera at me. Little did she know that she’d be getting well paid as a TJ in 10 years. And I think her vlogs stay closest to the TJ bootcamp paradigm.

    If you don’t know you can’t do something, or just decide that you *can* do it, you will succeed if the passion is there. Given the normal constraints of time and space, usually. Einstein ignored Newtonian physics and found out more about our world because he did. The things he found were not “within the constraints of space and time” as we knew them.

    I think that the normal constraints of what people want to watch is changing. It has to: you can’t fill 500 channels with “Trading Spaces” and the clones. It may be selling ad space now, but it can’t last.


  3. Careful Jim

    You might bring the wrath of certain monikers who will try to smite you with personally attacking statements 😉

  4. Sorry Cliff, Your frustrated hobbiest, victim-hood will just have to remain undernourished today.

    Mr. Rosenblem, I saw 5-Takes last night and was not surprised. For all of your hopes and dreams, all of your “new way” what was displayed is the predictable when it comes to delivering a product to those with the checkbook.

    No VJ work according to your earlier theories. What was show was typical low budget production. People shooting each other to produce an obvious low budget product.

    Yes, I know the VJs are “allowed” to shoot each other just like the early days of television where they too claimed they didn’t need photographers. In those days two reporters went out together and each shot the others stories and on-camera segments. Exactly like last nights stories.

    What we see is reality for you and those working on 5 Takes. When the time comes to get someone to actually pay you, the VJ theory loses. Just like at WKRN. The Travel Channel, I’m sure, is the one who has helped you decided on these adjustments. Like the WKRN embarrassment for you, acknowledging the obvious will not be allowed by you. However the viewers know.

    Were the stories bad? Not really. For their level of experience they were what VJ dream a financial reality. Until then I will state the obvious. Money talks and those that wish to make it supply the product in the form which achieves that financial goal.

    None of those folks you have working on 5 Takes will do it again. You will find another crop of young wannabes who take your course and then give up a few months of life for little or no money so you can make money of your own.

    5 Takes is a perfect example of what happens when someone claims they are going to produce television a “new” way then changes direction when the almighty dollar is waved in front of them.

    Cliff! Here’s your chance to step up and walk the talk! Be one of those VJs for the next 5 Takes show! But as you and I know, you will never do that.

  5. Dear exclamation point,
    I don’t understand your comment here, but I do appreciate your watching the show.
    The travellers or TJs you see in the show, don’t shoot the show. They are participants. We rotate them in each series.
    The show itself is shot by VJs, who shoot it on Z1s and cut it on FCP laptops as the show is being made.\
    If you understand television production techniques you would understand what makes this revolutary.
    If you don’t understand, I will be happy to explain it to you in detail.

  6. Min!-Me – you should take up Michael’s offer to have him explain to you what the Solo-VJ paradigm is truly about instead of making assumptions.

  7. Mr. Rosenblum, I clearly understand television field production. I am also quite clear about the VJ theory you keep promoting. Yet, when the rubber hits the road, the production by VJs on your show is traditional. Not new and certainly not the VJ formula you have been selling for so many years now.

    It is quite clear to me the only way you could get the Travel Channel to give you a deal for a complete series of shows is if your production techniques became “traditional”. No VJs working alone, producing individual efforts. What airs are stories shot like any other. An on camera talent with a second individual operating the camera. This is not the VJ format you claim to espouse.

    There is no revolution. There is however profit for yourself. A low budget production using people with limited experience and ability. Good people for sure yet they are in this for the short haul. It’s one reason you don’t have returning travel VJs in additional seasons.

    You sell the “chance” to be on TV. The “chance” to travel and the “chance” to make a much less than minimum wage salary. They do it for the “chance” but never return to the show for a second “chance”.

    We all know why.

    You would not be producing the show if you, yourself, were not making some kind of profit from their efforts. There is nothing wrong with that except you continue to be a little dishonest about what you are selling and what you are achieving with this production.

    These are not assumptions on my part. I’ve seen the shows and know what is and isn’t an individual effort. To see you still claim this is VJ work is not surprising. After all, the goal of every salesman is to try and sell something as “new and improved” when it’s anything but.

    Congratulations! Your making a good buck and I wish all those who are currently a part of 5 Takes the best in their future endeavors. They are in for a rude awakening.

  8. Dear Exclamation point,
    I will try and explain how 5takes works for you so you really and truly understand it.

    There are two distinct groups of people participating in this event: The TJs or Travel Journalists. These are the people you see on screen in the show.

    These are people like Mary and Tom and Vinnie

    Then there are the VJs who actually make the show. You don’t see them. You can see their names in the credits or if you go to the website you can see them at work behind the scenes.

    These are people like Francisco and Kathy and Fleur…

    The ‘cast’ of the show, the 5 people who travel all over the place changes each season. This is now the fourth season.

    The VJ crew remains the same, for the most part. The people who shot and cut and produced 5Takes Europe, or most of them, are still doing it in S. America.

    The TJs are there to have a travel experience and record it in video for vlogs.

    Besides getting the trip they also get paid for this. Much more than minimum wage, by the way.Much more.

    The VJs are there to shoot, produce and edit the whole show. They do this in 6 days and cut it in the field on their laptops.

    They get paid quite a lot for doing this and are all consumate professionals who have lots of experience making television.

    Do you understand how all this works now?

    I don’t think anyone on 5takes is in for a rude awakening. They all understand exactly how this works. They are part of it.

    I hope you did not get too rude an awakening now that you too, hopefully, understand it as well.

  9. Thanks for breaking that down Michael. Others who might be curious will have a better understanding of the differences. 🙂

  10. Thank you for the explanation Mr. Rosenblum.

    Now I understand, the VJs are behind the scenes camera people with some producing and editing abilities.

    I was confused by your earlier thoughts about what VJs were. Now it’s clear to me. They don’t appear on camera. They are the “crew” for the “cast”.

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