TJ Academy – 2 July sessions – sign up now!


Travel Channel President & GM Pat Younge meets with Academy participants.

If you want to break into the TV business, you can’t beat this kind of access….

We are taking enrollment for the Travel Channel Academy.

We are running two sessions in July – 19-23, 26-30.

Both will be run out of Discovery Communications HQ in Silver Spring, Md.

This is a really unique opportunity to learn to shoot, cut, produce, script and upload video. It’s also an open invitation from The Travel Channel to offer video and programming concepts. Not only will you learn how to make TV and video hands-on, you’ll also get a chance to meet with producers and programmers from the network.

There are a few places left.

More information here.


One response to “TJ Academy – 2 July sessions – sign up now!

  1. Your link for more information needs a colon after the ‘http’ – otherwise it comes up (at least in Firefox) as http, colon, //, http, slash,

    etcetera (no sense in typing that out as a bad link and causing people grief).

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