Travel Channel Academy – Round 2


Today we start on the 2nd Travel Channel Academy.

This time we are running the course in Discovery’s HQ in Silver Spring, Md. And as of this morning, twenty eager young documentary and filmmakers have learned the first lessons in VJ-ing; gathered here at the DCI offices now to engage in our 4-day intensive bootcamp.

The pilot for the Academy was a major success. More than 500 people applied for the first 20 slots.

Then, we married the Academy to our new series – What’s Your Trip.

This is only the beginning of a ladder with Travel Channel. Tiffany Burnett, a TJ from the first season of 5Takes has been given a one-year contract with Travel Channel to travel the world with her video camera. More will follow.

We have now scheduled Academy sessions across the US, from LA to NY to DC and beyond. And this is just the beginning. We expect to train more than 1,000 new VJs in the next year. Many more. And the channel is committed to working with those who prove themselves great visual story tellers.

It’s a whole new kind of TV.


4 responses to “Travel Channel Academy – Round 2

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  2. Congrats Michael. You are reaping the rewards for all your hard work.

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