Academy 3


So far… so good…..

Today we start the third Travel Channel Academy here at Discovery HQ in Silver Spring, Md.

21 new students from across the country have convened here for the intensive four-day workshop.

This morning they received their introductory lecture, gear, hats and T-shirts. Now they are off shooting their first stories. They’ll be back in a few hours with their raw footage and at 4PM they’ll receive a talk from Pat Younge, President and GM of The Travel Channel.

The Channel has made a major commitment both to the bootcamps and to the derivative content that will come out of them. As well, we and they are seeking to find an nurture from this a whole new generation of backpacking adventurers with video cameras and laptops around whom we will design a whole new kind of programming.

It works for Travel Channel –

I think it could also work for other networks. Food, for example or Outdoor Life Network.  You can see where all this is headed.

So good luck to the new class.  I will keep you posted as to their progress.

And if you are interested in participating yourself, we have now scheduled Academy sessions from September until the end of the year – 2 or 3 a month, in NY, LA, DC and a few other locations.


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