Travel Channel Academy 3


Travel Channel Pres Pat Younge with Student Sylvia Bahr

Day 3 at the Travel Channel Academy here at Discovery HQ in Silver Spring, Md.

The students are all out shooting their second pieces. We cut yesterday and screened last night. The stuff looks great. I am delighted with the results, as is Travel Channel President Pat Younge. He sees this as a content source both for the web and for broadcast, and a way to find new talent for the Channel.

We are projecting to take more than 1000 students in the next year, with locations in NY, LA, DC and several others. Its a great chance to learn an important new skill, as well as to meet with execs from Travel and Discovery.

Yesterday, Michael Klein, VP and head of development for Travel Channel met with the group to talk about what the Channel is looking for going forward.

Channel president Pat Younge is down here all the time, sitting with participants and reviewing and commenting on their work one-on-one. You just don’t get this kind of attention anywhere. (Try getting a meeting with a cable channel president at all).

Below, some images from the our 3rd class:





9 responses to “Travel Channel Academy 3

  1. Michael,

    Can you tell me what cameras you’re using in these Academy shots?

    I ask because it looks a little like the CanonHV20. I’m leaning towards the HV20 as a decent camera for web-only video.

  2. Dave – I believe they are SONY HC7 cameras…

  3. why not to show some of the video instead of words and pictures of the students? This will be the most simple way to show the genuine nature.

  4. It is easily done with any of the flash video plugins available for wordpress, but if you aren’t hosting your own website, you basically are limited to youtube I believe. I host my own website running wordpress and utilize brightcove for any video files as the encode via their publishpod is much cleaner and the interface more user friendly.

  5. I am limited to Youtube and have asked Travel Channel to post the student work on Youtube so I can then post it here. Please stand by…

  6. It would be intersting with each students works to also post of their previous experiences with cameras or editing.

  7. What an experience it was attending the Travel Channel Academy! Being able to meet with such a creative team is rare in the industry. The Travel Channel is on the forefront of changing television as we see it now! Thank you!

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