Houseguest of the Week


Lilly in background, top of Ossie’s head in foreground…

This is the Labor Day weekend, so we have a house full of guests.

One of our guests is Gary Younge, the NY based correspondent and columnist for The Guardian, the British newspaper.

Gary arrived with his wife Tara, their 6-month old son Ossie and a laptop. As soon as he arrived he asked if we had wifi and plugged in the laptop.

Then he proceeded to show me the most recent video he had shot.

He was in New Hampshire covering McCain’s faltering campaign. He writes columns for a living, but now he also shoots video and has started a vlog for the Guardian.

The Guardian is probably the most aggressive newspaper in the world for its move into the world of online, both text and video. The Washington Post is a close second.

His video was not bad – for a print guy.

Gary tells me that The Guardian is going to start a USA only edition to be called Guardian America.

This is not so unusual. A few months ago we were invited to the 10th anniversary party of the Financial Times USA edition.

This is the unusual part: Guardian America is going to be entirely online.

No print at all.

And journalists like Gary are gearing up to work in text and video for the online edition.


He is working on the video.. and on a bottle of Pouilly Fume.

I’m happy to help with both.


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  1. video on I have never seen any….

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