Renovations in New York

They say that when you do major renovations in NY, it takes twice as long and costs twice as much.

I can now attest to this as true.

The work was supposed to be done September 1.


This was the living room this morning.

And this was the kitchen


Maybe they meant September 1, 2008.


9 responses to “Renovations in New York

  1. Perhaps you should have consulted PeterMayle’s “A Year in Provence” first.

    Peter is all too familiar with this sort of thing, and he had the Mistral (and French Plumbers) to contend with too.

    Maybe it won’t take the whole year as it did for Peter.

    I never pictured you in a grey tee. Are you shooting this on that cell phone?

    A Cool Crazy Beautiful World

  2. No
    That is Mr. Hong, the floor guy for the kitchen. As I am sure your wife told you, I only wear black.

  3. Why did you have to hire anyone to do the job?

    You should have done it yourself!

    One person on their own could have done it better and you would have saved money!

    Just like a VJ, you could have done a better job or just hired one person on their own to do it and gotten some real “art” as a result!


  4. Ever watch HGTV?
    Ever go to Home Depot?
    Just like many people do their own home improvements, so too they will do their own TV.
    I would not mind owning Home Depot, but if I did, I would also hire a crew to renovate my kitchen.

  5. But as is now known, you don’t practice what you preach.


    Just having a little fun Mr. R.

  6. I don’t mind.
    Needless to say, I am having the most fun of anyone. 🙂

  7. Aieeee, home improvements, never fun, even in VT. My new house is full of holes thanks to the work of a gang of electricians who are magically turning ancient nob and tube wiring into computer ready 3 prongers. When will it be done!? When can I plug in my hard drives?

  8. Last saturday installed a new storm door, next saturday, install a new toilet… ugh…

  9. Thank God you have a roof over your head, young man!

    We never thought you’d settle down and stop living out of a car….

    Good Luck on the new place.

    Live from the road in LA, PF

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