All In The Family


This is my sister, Amy.

She is the Senior Producer for The Today Show, and tomorrow she will start running the new syndicated 4th hour.

Prior to coming to today, she was the Executive Producer for Maury, and before that, the EP for Sally Jesse Raphael.

So she certainly knows her way around talk and daytime.

So good luck tomorrow.

Mazel Tov.

(Even if you don’t produce the show with VJs. Trust me, one day you will).


3 responses to “All In The Family

  1. You were adopted, right?

  2. Due to the Rosenblum surname, may we assume that she only wears black?

    I bet the guy who carved that chair was a VJ: clever, unusual, well-polished, fine craftsmanship. Maybe a little Dutch angle on one side. Solid grain and all in one piece.

    Go Amy! Don’t forget that chair though.

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