Stuck In Vermont

The Revolution pops up in lots of unexpected places.

Network newsrooms and local TV stations are really the last places where this will happen.

Particularly networks.

But as with the web, small start ups, out in the sticks are the places where change will come first.

Vermont is a pretty good definition of ‘out in the sticks’, but there, far from the psychological pressures of ‘real’ TV makers, Eva Sollberger has started generating some pretty compelling video – all on her own.

She is associated with indy Seven Days, a Vermont based local paper/website.

Here’s a sample of her work.

Take a look:


3 responses to “Stuck In Vermont

  1. I watch “Stuck in Vermont” all the time and I find Eva to be a true pioneer in the field of journalism. She has an incredible talent for capturing the pulse of Vermont and delivering stories on an eclectic range of subjects. Blogging/vlogging is an amazing new form of communication since it both enables outstanding visionaries to get their work out, and allows everyone a chance to see true brilliance first hand. To all you folks out there who are opening the door to this brave new world, I say “Good show”!

  2. I didn’t know Vermont had a pulse.

  3. Eva’s great I love her blog!

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