Michael Yamashita – Pitching The Travel Channel


Welcome to the world of Michael Yamashita.

For more than twenty years, he has been a photojournalist for National Geographic.

It is a job most people just dream of, and it has taken him all over the world capturing images and moments in time.


I met Michael a few months ago. He is married to an old classmate of mine from Columbia Journalism School, Lil Bibb.

Michael was talking about making a move into the world of video. He later sent me two of his books, two movies he has made, and a collection of some of his video.

Today, I really paid attention to them.

They are stunning.

What makes them particularly interesting is that they blend video, travel and excellent still photography rather elegantly.

As we move into the digital world, we talk about ways of incorporating video into where there were once stills (ie, magazines and newspapers), but what about the reverse? What about a way of incorporating stills into video?

I have been pitching shows to cable broadcasters and networks for twenty years, but this is the first time I have ever pitched on a blog. But here goes the pitch:

I think we send Michael Yamashita around the world with his still camera. He and his travels become the vehicle for a weekly hour on a specific place. We weave the stills with the video to create a kind of tapestry – his travels, the people he meets, the stills he takes and the video.

Take look at this. Tell me if you think it works:


3 responses to “Michael Yamashita – Pitching The Travel Channel

  1. I *just* finished watching National Geographic’s “The Photographers” on DVD.

    It is inspirational. The images are heartbreaking and beautiful.

    I don’t remember if Michael was on the dvd (turned it in to the library this morning), but the dvd was like this clip, except that it runs for 55 minutes, and you wish it had a part 2.

    I give a hearty “yes” on this one.

    Can I go too?

  2. The video on this was well shot and edited.
    The stills were well shot.

  3. I agree, it is an excellent idea, I’d watch it. And if there is room in a suitcase, can I catch a ride?

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