Fatal Attraction


From the Newport Boat Show

She is 76 feet long.

Hand-made by the Brooklin Boat Yard (that would be Brooklin, Maine, not the Brooklyn where I shared a 2-bedroom walk-up apartment once).


Teak decks

Draws 11 feet with the centerboard down, 6 with it up.

Sleeps 8.

I swore the last time I would never do this again.

I tell you, ….it’s like heroin.


6 responses to “Fatal Attraction

  1. How blind can I be Michael, for months I’ve been looking for anyone who actually made any money from your VJ visions of success, and you were always there in front of me.

    Are you going to at least take them for ride on you boat? After all, they maxed out their credit cards chasing your empty promises of sure success so you could afford your own dreams of luxury, at the expense of, how many suckers? 9000 you said?

    And where are they now? I’m sure as all those VJs who are now trying to figure how to get their next meal they all will be enjoying the fruit of their hard work, like the renovation of your Manhattan apartment, a house in the Hampton and now this.

    You are an inspiration Michael.

  2. Cliff, I will, I promise. You work your side of the street and I work mine. The moment that anyone here even mention that your side is better than mine I’ll be back to prove that you are way wrong.

    Anyone who want to learn, really learn, the welcome mat on this side of the street is always there.

  3. Nice boat.

    Somehow I can’t bring myself to give Mr. R a hard time about it.

    Just the upkeep alone will give him more of a headache than any unfair comments about how he spends his money from the his classes.

    I was thinking it could be a great tax write off if he used it as a floating VJ studio for upcoming travel show projects.

    A business expense!

  4. This may help:

    There’s a story on ctzn.tv about the price of heroin.

    Maybe he could do a story on sailboats?

    I’ll come crew for you sometime 🙂

  5. Since I recall that your first sailboat was a Sunfish at age 13 I see you have come a long way. Sail On, Sail On Columbus.

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