Morning After TV – LONDON


Terracotta Warrior at the British Museum

Tonight, the UK branch of is completing its first project.

We spent the day at a reception, hosted by one of the largest investment groups and banks in the world, at the British Museum, amidst the terracotta warrior collection from China.

The First Emperor, China’s Terracotta Army opened this week at the British Museum in London.

The exhibition explores one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century, giving an insight into China’s First Emperor, Qin Shihuangdi, and his legacy.

The exhibition includes a number of the world-famous terracotta
warriors from Xi’an, China, which were buried alongside the
First Emperor in readiness for the afterlife, as well as some of the
most striking recent discoveries made on the site.

We were delighted to be a part of this, delighted to video the event and turn the small videos into online reality all in a 12 hour window. just won an Emmy for opening the door of broadcasting to these kinds of small ‘pods’. Now we’re focusing podcasting on very specific events and clients.

This is not ‘broadcasting’.

This is narrowcasting – in the narrowest sense of the word.

For a specific client, on a specific topic – then disseminated to a very select audience in video, over the web – with the same speed and accuracy as news. But narrow in focus.

We think it will work.

We already have a raft of clients lined up in England, and we’re thinking of opening a branch in Singapore.

The skill set of being able to shoot, edit, script, track and produce a 2 minute story may have some residual value in local news. But that is a hard row to hoe… It is filled with people who are already working in a conventional way.

We think these new technologies open the door to using the same skill sets in entirely new ways. For those who can see the opportunities – the options are vast…

and quite new…

But we’re transiting new skillsets, once seeming limited to things like news, to whole new businesses.


Marc Perkins instructs the BBC in Newcastle, UK

Tonight’s launch was driven by award winning videojournalist Marc Perkins.

Perkins started with me at the VOA many years ago.

He was an instructor for the BBC VJ project for 5 years, and now shoots and produces documentary films for The BBC. His most recent project was a film he shot and reported on, on his own, from Iraq for BBC’s Newsnight.


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