Travel Channel Academy – again!

Pay attention!

We are back at Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, Md, to conduct yet another Travel Channel Academy.

We are going straight from here to Los Angeles to start one there.

Enrollments have been filling classes in NY, DC and LA to the end of the year.

This is clearly an idea that works.

Pictured above, two of our instructors:

Lisa Lambden, 17 year veteran of the BBC, who ran the entire conversion of the Beeb over 5 years – training and fielding more than 750 VJs.

Bill Gentile. He was in one of the very first VJ classes for VNI in 1993.  A former photographer for Newsweek, he also won an Emmy for Cinematography as a VJ in 1998.

Our teaching staff brings a lot more to the table than just knowing FCP.


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