Report from Dallas


here is how it works…..

We were in Dallas yesterday, presenting to one of the major station groups in the country.

They invited us in and were extremely receptive.

Remarkably so.

How the world has changed.

They own a string of local stations across the country and are ready for a change.

The news, hitting the same morning that we made our presentation, that ABC News was going to start field VJs overseas, and, as ABC News pres Av Westin said, will soon migrate this to local stations in the US, was music to our ears.

Twenty years ago, when we came up with this concept, people looked as us as though we were nuts.

Ten years ago, it was considered radical, experimental – only for the very brave or the very foolhardy.

Five years ago, it was still pretty radical.

Even two years ago, it was a hard sell.

Now, it seems; almost overnight, we are on the cusp of going mainstream.

Something has happened….

Dallas was great.

More will be coming.


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