White House Press Photographer’s Association Conference

Gave the keynote speech today at the White House Press Photographer’s Conference at American University in Washington, DC.

Had a great time and ran into lots of old friends from VOA, Verizon and the web.

Below, some images:


Jim Long, ace NBC cameraman, web buddy and first class blogger.


Jim and I play ‘Trading Places’ for a few minutes, until my shoulder gives out.


About 150 professional photographers showed up to find out how to adapt to the VJ world.


“if you were born 500 years ago, you would have been a serf. (Stop me if you’ve heard this one before).


2 responses to “White House Press Photographer’s Association Conference

  1. I see you’re “weighing” the merits of specialization! Good to finally meet you yesterday. Great program.

  2. As co-sponsor/co-organizer of the event, I can tell all who reads this that Michael not only was the keynote speaker but that he also stole the show. His knowledge of, and passion for, the craft were inspiration to us all.

    Bill Gentile
    School of Communication (SOC)
    American University
    Washington, DC.

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