More from Verizon – Colby Hartburg


Colby Hartburg – Verizon Hyperlocal VJ

All pieces shot, written, produced, edited, voiced, researched and reported by Colby in one day.

behind the scenes as Mount Vernon restores a historic building

a look at an artist and his robotic art

interview with author (and great great grandson of Charles Darwin) Matthew Chapman about his book on the intelligent design/evolution debate.

– an inside look at one of Northern VA’s biggest horse race events.


6 responses to “More from Verizon – Colby Hartburg

  1. I look at these and think here is someone who would really benefit from some training. There is some good stuff hidden amongst the dross. For now shorter stories 2 min max and a ban on pans for a month.

  2. Stephen
    The team (and I) always appreciate constructive criticism. We are always all about getting better.

  3. Cool. In that case. Tell her never to shoot a move unless she knows where she will end up. Have an end frame in mind and stop dead on it. You can cut into a move but it looks scrappy to cut out of one. You might get away with it once or twice in a story but it gets old real quick. A pan is a form of transition it needs a beginning a middle and an end. The racing one from the trumpet had a beginning… a long beginning no middle and a delayed mistimed end. I would have shot it different but given that’s what she did why not in editing ramp up the middle? Start, whoosh, end. Funky, easy, quick and you lose nothing visually important and gain pace look interesting.

  4. I’m not surprised these were done in one day. They look like it without a doubt.

    That’s not taking anything away from their efforts. They are obviously learning. What is missing is pacing with the editing. Not to mention cut-aways and sequencing. Easy to get by if all you do is dissolve, dissolve, dissolve, but that’s pretty lazy editing and a misuse of the “language” of editing.

    This end product is what I expected and probably fits the pay range these people get.

    It’s a beginning. Let’s hope there is improvement in the future.

  5. I hate to post this – because the piece is very interesting to me – but, it was sort of disconcerting that the captions were disassociated from their corresponding video pieces, and were sitting on top of the next piece. For example, when I clicked on the piece closest to the caption for: “a look at an artist and his robotic art” I got the piece about Charles Darwin’s grandson. I’m sure it’s some kind of formatting error or oversight, but to me it points out how some media require more attention to detail than others.

  6. Sorry Tim
    As I am on the road so much, sometimes I do the blog on the blackberry – which is not the best.

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