Networked Journalism Summit – NYC


A guy from NPR in a suit, Sechrist and me….

Yesterday we attended the Networked Summit held both at The New York Times and City University Graduate School of Journalism. Our old pal, Jeff Jarvis was the organizer and moderator.

I ran into people I have not seen for years, like Rory O’Conner from Globalvision, people I have not seen for months and people I had not seen for hours, like Steve Safran from, (who I had dinner with the night before); and Fred Graver, formerly from VH1, who I had breakfast with the day before.

There were lots of interesting things to see and people to hear from. Jay Rosen from NYU gave a very interesting talk on citizen journalism; Brian Cooney from Alive in Baghdad, showed his remarkable VJ work from the war zone.

We were joined on the panel by Robin Sloan, tech head of Current. tv . I was delighted to finally meet Robin, as I have been following his work for years, ever since I discovered Epic 2015, which he made. If you have never seen it, link to it now.

We sat on a panel and took questions, moderated by Safran. Then, someone in the audience raised her hand and asked Safran to pull up her URL on the projection screen behind us. There was a small camera on a tripod next to her, and suddenly, we were also live, on web TV, shot by the camera and being transmitted live to the web as we spoke.

Anyone in the audience with remote trucks sold them immediately.. or threw up.. or both. The technology is based on (thanks to Fred Graver), and available to anyone.

As Mike Sechrist would say – what do you need a tv station for anymore?


6 responses to “Networked Journalism Summit – NYC

  1. As Mike Sechrist would say – what do you need a tv station for anymore?

    LOL – I can hear the detractors lining up to take turns at the outside the box thinkers… 😉

  2. Halloween will be here soon. Scary.

  3. I thought it was the TV stations that said “what do we need Mike Sechrist for anymore?”

  4. You can find the video from the livestream looping on GroundReport TV ( Great talk Michael.

  5. wish i would have known earlier about the Ground ReportTV live stream. I am watching the channel now. looks GREAT.

  6. Good post Mr. Rosenblum.

    The focus is right on. It’s not about the delivery system.

    It’s all about the content.

    Many confuse themselves into thinking it’s only about how something gets to the end user which is what counts when it comes to the world of business.

    Those of us who produce content have no doubts.

    We will remain employed for many years to come.

    The real battle is between those who only run delivery systems and can’t produce content worth watching. They will not make it.

    Content is king!

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