White House News Photographer’s Association


One thing about speaking at the White House News Photographer’s Association – you always get great photos!

Courtesy, Rick Reinhardt


Here’s the link to the complete article.


5 responses to “White House News Photographer’s Association

  1. Man in Black,

    I dare you to wear some color 😉

  2. One note about the article, Guttenberg Press, and cheap Bibles.

    I am not exactly sure of the dates, but the reformation in the Christian church was in large part due to the fact that the masses were given the chance to read the Bible themselves. Before the printing press, the Bible was kept in the Catholic churches primarily, and not available for the average person / masses to read themselves. Therefore the interpretation of scripture was left to only the top level Catholic church officials. Martin Luther and others rightly saw how the scripture was being misinterpreted.

    That was the downside of the masses not being able to have access to reading the Bible first hand.

    Martin Luther challenged the Catholic church’s teachings, by presenting evidence from scripture itself. (By faith alone…)

    My point is this: The Guttenberg Press certainly made Bible’s “cheaper.” Along with every other book. The internet is doing the same with video. There is no more controlling authority of video information.

    But the truth of the impact of the Guttenberg Press – is that it allowed the Bible/Scripture/Word of God to be immediately and directly read and interpreted by everyone. It was the religious aspect, not the economic impact, that in fact changed history (for the better).

    I just wanted to add my input on the article.

    Video by itself does not change societies.

    The message within the video can.

    Video by itself does not create revenues.

    The content, craft, creativity and commitment can.

    Just some thoughts. Ramble on.

  3. Another note: Of course, the “economic impact” of the Press certainly did have an impact on history. I did not mean to ignore that.

    I just was pointing out that the Press, and free press, and dissemination of “ideas” was not simply about economics.

    Ideas are what changed societies. The Press helped distribute those ideas and information.

    But the impact of the spread of the Scriptures – because of the Press – is paramount…. huge. Christianity is one “idea” some might say. Others see the Bible as the Word of God.
    The fact remains…the Guttenberg Press allowed the Bible to be read first hand.

    Removing any wrong second or third hand interpretation. The message within the Bible, of Law and Gospel, definately had a great impact on society.

    So yes, there were economic impacts. And there were other ideas which were given broader dissemination. Just as today on the internet. In my home, I can now sit and read anything about anybody, see any video or pictures of any thing. There is little barriers now for people to disseminate any information, good, bad or ugly.

    The Bible, however, was not simply about economics. It was greater than that.

  4. Who’s the funny looking guy on the left in the second photo?

    I think I met once somewhere exotic. It’s such a distant memory…..


  5. Bill has lost some weight. But we’re all sporting a few more gray hairs.

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