A Blast from the Past


PS 5 School – class of 1966

A few months ago, Jeff Jarvis told me I had to get on Facebook.

Facebook! That is for kids.

Not anymore, he said.

As usual, he was right, and ahead of the curve.

So I joined.

Initially, I felt a bit ‘creepy’, like a lurker on Myspace, where it seemed everyone else was 19 years old. And who here did I really want to talk to?

Then slowly, some interesting folks began to show up, thanks to Facebook’s remarkable networking systems.

Soon I was getting some pretty remarkable ‘friends’. Chairmen of major media companies. Extremely well known writers, thinkers and columnists, both in the US and abroad. It was like attending the most interesting cocktail party/seminar you could imagine.

I think because it is so early for, (let’s call it Facebook2 – the AK edition), people like Mark Cuban (one of my more recent friends) are open and amenable to ‘friendship’. This probably will not last, but for the early adapters it is pretty interesting stuff.

Jarvis was right. This is a vibrant, growing environment with enormous potential.

Then, this morning, I got a ‘friend’ invitation from Paul Bleicher.

Paul was in my first grade class at Number 5 school in Cedarhurst. (Pictured above).

Today he is the Chairman of Phase Forward, a biotech company in Boston. It seems that after first grade, he went on to get and MD and a PhD and a lot of other letters, awards and stuff. Here’s a profile of him from Forbes.

See. You never know who is going to find you on Facebook. (And you also never know who is sitting next to you in Miss Lucieri’s first grade art class).


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