TCA Los Angeles

41 New Travel Journalists start in Los Angeles this morning

On the heels of the successful Travel Channel Academy in New York, we start another TCA in Los Angeles.

We are at the Westin Bonaventure hotel in Downtown LA, and this morning sent out 41 potential new Travel Journalists (TJs) into the wilds of Los Angeles to shoot their first stories.

Each one is equipped with a Sony HC7 High Def video camera, an Apple  Macbook Pro loaded with Final Cut Pro.

The most interesting thing for us is the very wide spectrum of backgrounds on the people who are taking the course. They run the spectrum from 20 year old students to retired university professors and a few former investment bankers and  a smattering of studio employees who are fed up with the studio system. Very interesting. Equally interesting is that the median age is probably in the mid 30s and higher.

There are even a few couples who are making a big leap and heading off around the world, video cameras in hand.

Very very interesting.


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