41 New Travel Journalists

Images from this week’s Travel Channel Academy in Los Angeles. 41 newly minted TJs, or Travel Journalists graduated yesterday and head off into the world with their newly forged skills and relationship with the Channel. 41 more cameras around the world in the hands of creative people, producing content for the channel.

Congrats to all the new grads.














5 responses to “41 New Travel Journalists

  1. All the photographs are taken from the same standing angle. BORING. You need to get down and find other positions & make some interesting photographs.

    You’re not giving me anything to cut to. Remember the 5 angles of one event? Same with stills. Mix it up and live a little. Go for broke. Pixels are cheap.

    And… don’t forget to color correct!

    Whaddya think, Nino?

    Live from Planet Earth,


  2. Good points.
    Just got the 24mm lens for the m8 but now need the ir filter. Small design flaw. That’s wht everything is so red. The price of the early adapter!

  3. That red will help offset the usual green cast that your photos have without Photoshop!

  4. Michael, thanks for the tremendously insightful presentations at the Travel Channel Academy in LA. What an awesome learning experience! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is currently involved or wants to be involved in video production.


  5. Michael, thanks so much for the workshop this week. All I want to do now is film and shoot, film and shoot over and over til I have sorted out any kinks and can do this with my eyes closed. I have worked in this industry since 1998 and have done many well know workshops and courses that teach me theory and general ideas, but it is your workshop that has put the most realistic, practical skills in my hands so that I can finally start working on my own films and documentaries and successfully put those out into the world.

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