abc news adds 2 more vjs


Our loyal correspondent from Fox News makes me aware of
ABC news’ decision to add two more VJ bureaus to its original 7.

They don’t call them VJs, they call then Digital Correspondents – just like at KGTV in San Diego.

OK by me, so long as it works.

I think we can expect that we will soon see many more DCs or VJs at the network level. You can’t beat the combination of cost savings and improved coverage.

Here’s the link.

A Happy Thanksgiving.


One response to “abc news adds 2 more vjs

  1. Sad trends for VJ school grads after their hard work of “learning” a new career.

    “News Clips Are No. 1
    There’s no question that Web surfers want to watch video online.

    Over 57% of U.S. Internet users say they have watched or downloaded online videos, according to a July study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. But they’re not flocking to home videos. According to the study, viewers are most interested in news videos, followed by comedy bits and television shows.

    Research by Burst Media, an Internet ad network that studies the video market, echoed the findings, ranking news clips, movie trailers, comedy sketches, music videos, and TV shows as the top categories.

    The category that includes clips produced by users placed ninth out of 11. ”

    Read the full story for a VJ reality check.

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