$14,000 VJ Prize


Once again, this year, we are offering a prize of $14,000 for the world’s best VJ piece.

(It is actually 10,000 Euros, but thanks to quality management of the US economy by the Bush Administration, the Euro, (once with $.87), is trading at an astonishing $1.39 to the Euro.

Fifth Avenue is filled with eager Europeans swarming into the new Eastern Europe on the Hudson.

But… enough with the politics.

For the 5th year now, we are offering a 10,000 Euro prize for the best VJ piece submitted.

Until now, this has been limited to Europeans, but this year we are opening it up to Americans as well.

 To reflect the changing news environment the award is now open to video journalism broadcast or published in any news program or on any online news site anywhere in the world.

The closing date for entries is Jan 7th 2008. Individuals can enter at anytime up to that point.

Details, rules and regulations can be found at www.theconcentra.org

The awards ceremony takes place on March 3rd at the DNA2008 conference, in Brussels.

The seven short-listed finalists will be invited to the event with their travel and accommodation costs paid by the organizers…(that would be us).

I think this is kind of a cool opportunity – and a pretty good prize.

If you’ve got any questions, lemme know.


One response to “$14,000 VJ Prize

  1. Maybe one of the new ABC correspondents could use the cash.


    An update article about the ABC one-person bureau efforts from American Journal Review with some quotes from our very own Bill Gentile!


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