A few years ago, I read a fascinating book by Neil Gabler entitled “An Empire of Their Own, How The Jews Invented Hollywood”

The Hollywood Studios were founded by 7 Jews, all of whom ironically came from a 50 mile radius around Plonsk in Poland (though none of them knew each other then). They all came to America with the same dream of making it rich. And they found fertile ground in the new business of Hollywood Movies (think Internet 1988).

The movies they made were all about America, but it was about a country they knew nothing about – so they made it up. They made up the country they wanted to believe existed – white picket fence, Jimmy Stewart, little houses, small towns.

They were the basis of their movies, and they both resonated with, and got emplanted in the minds of millions of Americans as a kind of nostalgic reality.

This created world turned political in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan, running for President, began to refer to that ‘memory’ of an America that once was. That ‘shining city on the hill’.

Was of course, there wasn’t no shining city on the hill, but for millions who had grown up on the movies, they all tearily remembered what the Jews of Plonsk had so nicely created for them. An image.

Now we come to Barak Obama, who may (God wiling) become the first Black President of the United States.


But if it does come to pass, the unsung hero in all this (IMHO) will be Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman who has played the President of the United States more times than Ronald Reagan did (and better).. who prepared the American people, in their mind’s eye, for a Black President so well.

In America, we pilot reality in the movies first – if it plays, we go for it.

If it doesn’t we kill it.

Like that series on TV about the Woman President

Did not rate.

Not like Morgan!



  1. Nice one. When I mentioned to my wife America was going to get it’s first black president she smiled and said: “No it isn’t… what about 24?”

  2. Now, that’s a damned good insight.

    How many people learned how to be teenagers from movies or television? Parents? Spouses?

    When I was a kid, Robert Young and Ralph Kramden were “husbands.” It took me decades to shed those ghosts!

  3. Well we have just had our first Moronic President…so why would any other President of color or gender be so unusual after that? think about it people. This story is a useless piece of sh-t.

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