Back to School


Following the winter break, Lisa and I start our new class at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism.

Our curriculum is a bit ‘unorthodox’, but we think we’re giving them a good head start for a much more competitive world.

So far, at least, the course seems to be popular.

(We’ll see after exams).


23 responses to “Back to School

  1. Lisa is a great instructor she has the knowledge, brains, looks and oh my! – That ACCENT; lucky NYGS Journalism pukes ;- ) That would be a fun class with you guys teaching.

  2. I hope you’ll give us regular updates here. I’m teaching video to journalism students using the Rosenblum methods this semester (see post) and hoping for good results. Like the CUNY students, mine are not destined for a career in TV news but more likely newspaper or online pure-play.

  3. When my youngest son was in junior high school (now a HS senior) I volunteered to help in they photography/video/communication class, actually I was teaching to the student as well as to the teacher.
    This is exactly how we started the 7th grade in the introduction to video.
    By Windy McAdams:
    “Their (ungraded) assignment was to get the five shots described in Michael Rosenblum’s “Five Step Method,” which is much like the sequence you’ll find described in a lot of beginner video books. Basically, you are shooting five specific close angles of one person who is performing an activity. (Not “performing” as in acting; you tell them to pretend you’re not there and go about whatever it is they are doing.)
    I sent the students out in pairs to two different food courts near our classroom building. They didn’t need to get any audio or tell a story — just get the shots. One student shot someone eating lunch and got the five prescribed shots. Then the other student shot someone else who was also eating.”
    By the time they reached the 8th grade the kids were turning out some impressive looking video with small HI8 cameras and $150 editing interfaces and software for PC. I continued volunteering throughout High School and the work these kids were turning out was at least equal and most often considerably superior to the best VJ work that I’ve seen on these boards.
    As parents who have spent a lifetime saving and sacrificing to put two kids thru college and will spend much more for one more kid, is such a comfort to know that the academic level of video production at the highest level of education is at the same level as it was in middle school.

  4. From Mindy McAdams blog:
    Yesterday my students went out with their HV20 cameras to shoot for the first time. Their (ungraded) assignment was to get the five shots described in Michael Rosenblum’s “Five Step Method,” which is much like the sequence you’ll find described in a lot of beginner video books.

    What’s this Michael? We’ve been hearing from you for the last six years that your concept was your very own revolutionary method of production. You got it off beginner books?

  5. You know Nino, I grow a bit bored of your sophomoric gratuitious comments. I’ve posted a bit of my work, and now we have all seen yours. Trust me, you have nothing to boast about. In fact, I would say that speaking for free at an elementary school is about right for what you can deliver. In this world, you do get what you pay for.

  6. There you go again Michael with your childish playground insults. Your eloquent immature insults have become your trademark across the industry when you can’t find intelligent answers. Keep in mind that I volunteer my knowledge in junior high, in high school, in junior college, I have an internship program (also for free) and probably soon I’ll start volunteering in the Boys and Girl Clubs. This is all for free. Unlike you I contribute and give back to the community not to my wealth.

    I never claimed that my work was the best because in this business learning never stops. What I always said was than my work was at a highest marketable level. If you want to make it a hobby then do what you want, cute poppies will be cute no matter what, unfortunately nobody really care enough to pay for doing those cute videos. If you want to make a good living your do what your clients need and want. You know the old adage in this business: “When your work is not good enough to bring in any money then it’s time to go into teaching”.

    All the work that I show has generated revenue. You can see the clients and locations right on the videos and I have hundreds more that I can show you. Can we see some of VJ’s marketable moneymaking work?

  7. Nino said:

    …probably soon I’ll start volunteering in the Boys and Girl Clubs. This is all for free. Unlike you I contribute and give back to the community not to my wealth.

    Yup – the b-roll cacophony makes you better than me, Michael or anyone else Nino.

    All the money you’ve made surely makes you more qualified than the rest of us.

    How WILL we ever measure up (sarcasm mine)

  8. How WILL we ever measure up

    You never will Cliff, keep following Michael’s methods of productions and you’ll never measure up to anyone in this business, you’ll remain an amateur for the rest of your life. Nobody will ever be interested in your work and you’ll be lucky if you can make as much money as someone flipping burgers at McDonald. This is what’s been happening to all VJs that have followed Michael’s teaching.

    The first thing that I learn in business school was to never listen to those who failed, always listen to those who have succeeded.

  9. Poor Nino
    You are really clutching at straws now.
    Did you hear about Scott Anger? No? Hmm. He was a graduate of one of my courses. (One I ran in Chiang Mai, Thailand – lovely place). Then he worked as a VJ for Frontline. Maybe you have heard of it? He won an Emmy for his work. Oops. An accident I am sure. And you know what? He just got hired by The LA Times to set up an entire VJ division. (how do you like that? ) He is busy hiring (I am sorry to say) many of my most talented people. Well, I hear that they are only paying Scott $4.50 an hour to run the division.. and of course, he is only offering $3.95 an hour to the new VJs… plus tips. (Or maybe not).
    Could it be that your are wrong?
    Must be me
    We all know you are NEVER wrong.

  10. WOW Michael, 1 out of 9000, Vegas would have a field day on this one.

    Poor Michael,
    All these successes and nobody has ever come on your board and said anything positive about his experience as a VJ or answer questions, everything good came from you. The loyalty factor with your VJ must be overwhelming to you.

    Oh I’m sorry, Bill Gentile did, remember how successful you described him to be? Until he honestly came on this board saying that for his work, that I personally think was outstanding, he hardly made enough money to pay for his expenses?

    How many more failures and how many more disappointed people will take for you to understand and learn that there’s a wide dividing line between outstanding and marketable, and most often the two do not work well together.

    Maybe you can get Scott to come here so we can ask him some questions? And Maybe the other 8999 that you’ve trained might decide to come here too. How about those KRON VJs that you’ve trained that most likely will be seeing pink slips soon, ask them to come here too.

  11. Oh Nino
    Thank God for you! An endless source of amusement…and my most loyal reader! I will have to send you a gift bag or something. Maybe I will give you a free subscription to my blog. Oh wait. My blog is free. Its yours that people have to pay to see.
    I forgot.

    Well, I see that you are having a very busy Martin Luther King day down there in Tampa. You’ve already posted on my blog about 5 times and its only noon! Busy busy busy.

    In any event, sorry Scott Anger and Bill Gentile are not enough success stories for you. I thought there were none? And now I find one or two but you want 9000. Boy, that really cuts my work out for me for the rest of the day! Hey, how about Dirck Halstead. He took the course. Or Neil Cohen – he runs A&E. Or Chris and Lydia, they make the Tony Bordain series… naah. not good enough for you. Hmm. Well, how about Roger Schawinski, he runs all of Haim Saban’s TV networks in Germany. No, no… for you, only the best. Well, there’s Alfonso Marsh, he’s CNN’s Cairo correspondent and still shoots all his own stuff. Well, I better get to work on that list for you.. I am SOOOO busy answering all your demands.

  12. “In fact, I would say that speaking for free at an elementary school is about right for what you can deliver. In this world, you do get what you pay for.”

    Just to reply to your typical playground immature childish name calling. Below is a video that the video HS class that I volunteered to train made on a field trip. I was the instructor and one of the chaperon on this and many other video trips. One of the photographers and diver in the video is my oldest son when he was a senior in HS, this was circa 1995/96. The video was shot with the VX3 and edited with the school HI8 editing equipment.

    The kids scripted and narrated.

  13. Nino – I didn’t even take the time to read your response as I’m sure it is like all the others. Something eluding to “When I get done doing this for a hobby, blah blah blah.”

    I find it slightly amusing that you are charging to view specific content on your website when I can view it for free using the Internet Wayback machine.

    Some of the images may not show, but the descriptive content is still there.

    Derision of what Michael is accomplishing only shows the desperation by those like yourself who deny the inevitable shifting trends in this profession.

    Internet broadcasting is the future of video content distribution – either adapt or perish.

  14. More names of people who DO NOT make their living as VJs.

    You are truly an old dog Mr. R.

    No new tricks for you!

    How about that VJ work YOU produced all by yourself? When will that be shown? Of course! It doesn’t exist! You have none to show us. When push comes to shove someone else has to be a part of it. Otherwise it never makes you a buck!

    For someone who knows so much it is quite sad to see you founder over such a simple request.

  15. Ho hum
    More of the same from you, sorry to say.
    I posted one piece I did. Not good enough. OK. I am happy to post more. I listed folks who trained with me and worked with me and went on to success. Not good enough? OK. I will post more.
    Now, as I said before. Your turn.
    Fair is fair.
    Show us what YOU do please

  16. Nope. You posted a piece that someone else voiced. And that leads me to believe others were also involved in other aspects of it too.

    A look at any of the photos you take and post here shows your lack of ability with a camera. The work on that video used different skill sets than what is shown here. Thus I have my additional doubts.

    You continue to run and hide when asked to showcase your own abilities as a VJ.

    A teacher who can’t do.

    After all these years I would think you might have ONE to show us. But that seems to be an impossible task for you.

    Why would I buy any product from someone who, when push comes to shove, can not achieve the sell they promised?

    It’s basic business. If you can’t do what you claim then you fail.

    Like the names you keep tossing around. Not one of them is making a living as a VJ. You try and fake people out. Claiming they are VJs and that’s why they are considered a success. However it’s NOT how they make a living.

    Ho hum.

    More running and hiding from you.

    Where is your own VJ work?

    You and I know why you can’t and won’t EVER post any.

    What’s the matter “teacher”?

    Are you that ashamed of how you sound on tape?

    Is that what you teach your students?

    Go out and shoot and “maybe” edit it yourself but get someone else to voice it?


    Empty claims from a teacher who “can’t”.

    Simple proof is beyond your abilities. Or ego.

  17. Sorry “teacher”. I’m not the one claiming to be a VJ.

    You are.

    You made the claims and now are too afraid to back up what you claim.

    There’s no reason to play “show me” games with someone who has proven they can’t do what they promise in the first place.

  18. Dear $
    I am primarily a teacher.
    And I am very very proud of that.
    You seem to have a great deal of contempt for teachers. That is obviously your problem, and I don’t want to go into your own troubled past in school.

    I take a great deal of pride in being a teacher. That is my primary job.

    When I taught at NYU, my first class was 26 students. 8 years later, my classes were 350 students. I taught the most popular course at NYU Journalism school, I think, in its history.

    I would be delighted to have ‘teacher’ as my epitaph.

    Can I shoot and cut and VJ. Of course.

    Do I do it for a living? Not for years. I did, but I have not for years. I did it once to prove a point. That it could be done. This is no longer a point for debate. There are now hundreds if not thousands of working VJs, and there will be many more.

    I am happy to post more of my work, I have no problem with it. Its pretty good. There are beter, and I am always happy to post those.

    My work is here for all to see and comment on. My work from TV stations to courses to Current.

    All I have asked you for is a sample of your work.


    So far… nothing.

    Not a thing to show.

    I have a pretty good idea of what you do.

    So here’s a suggestion for free.

    Why don’t you try teaching a bit on your own. In your newsroom. Why don’t you try and ‘teach’ some of your reporters and producers to be better. I am sure they could. I am sure they have things to learn. Maybe you even have things to teach them.

    Teaching is no crime.

  19. I have all the respect for teachers who actually teach what they know and can DO.

    You do not fall into that “do” catagory.

  20. Sorry for you but I both ‘do’ and teach.
    Quite frankly I am starting to wonder if you do either.
    Please respond with your work, whatever it is. So far this has all been a one way street.

  21. Teaching something you are unable to produce is not “doing”.

    The one way street has always been you. Unable to produce even a single VJ effort of your own after all these years.

    I don’t claim to be a VJ. You do. Posting my work has no meaning to this discussion. I’m not the one claiming to be a teacher, yet unable to show proof of product.

    So far you are all show and no go when it comes to proving YOU can do any kind of VJ work.

    No surprise to many of us.

  22. I find great amusement that these negative posters have nothing better to do with their time than make derogatory statements for the sake of their ego’s.

  23. Cliff, exactly what’s your game?

    Even as dysfunctional as these exchanges are on this board, this is still a great exchange of very useful ideas, every board that deals with trade issues has great values no matter how the issues are delivered. Each criticism, as grotesque it might appear to you, has something that we can all use, you just need a little intelligence to sort and seek out the value. If you can’t find it that’s too bad, you are missing some good pointers.

    You on the other hand either kiss asses or criticize. I have yet to read anything useful coming from you.

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