Travel Channel Academy – 2008


We’re starting the 2008 season off with our first Travel Channel Academy here in New York.

Forty new freshly minted Travel Journalists (TJs) will soon be credentialed and ready to hit the streets of Shanghai, Mexico City, Nairobi and the rest of the world.

This is just the start. This year we have 24 Academies slated for NY, LA, DC, Chicago and Austin, Texas.

As well we’re running 3 Advanced Academies  in Thailand, Australia and South Africa.

What’s an Advanced Academy?

We’re going to take 15 filmmakers to Northern Thailand (or Australia or S. Africa) for 10 days of filming, scripting, screenings and editing, and we’re going to produce a half-hour documentary for air!

You can’t get an experience like that anywhere else in the world.

Jay Russel from South Carolina (a star student in this week’s academy) is already signing up for the advanced one.


3 responses to “Travel Channel Academy – 2008

  1. so where do we sign up for the advanced class?? and where do we find the schedule?

  2. Yes, how do you sign up?

  3. Here’s the link:
    If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to contact me directly

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