OK. You want to see an example of my VJ work.

Here’s one.

I don’t make a living as a VJ. My job is to sell the concept, implement it, teach it. But from time to time I also do it.

But believe me, there are those who are far more talented in this than I, and those who do it for a living every day.


17 responses to “Cheerleaders

  1. Did you have a sex change in the 90’s?
    Cause you sound like a girl voicing this story… or is it not a VJ piece?

  2. Hello Stephen,
    I believe the comment was that I sounded like Brooklyn Public Television. (Which I do).

  3. Brooklyn Public Television… that would explain it 🙂
    Ok cheap shots aside I quite enjoyed the first minuet. It was well paced and there was a nice variety of shots and then it just flagged. It was like you had run out of ideas already.
    Mind you it was the 90’s and things were slower back then 🙂
    For god sake don’t show me stuff like a looong montage of signs, as Darrel Barton said “I don’t watch TV to read”
    Anyway you didn’t put it there for me to critique, thanks for posting some your work.

  4. Thanks man. Always good to hear from you. And as it’s f**king 20 degrees F here in NY this morning, I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

  5. 25 degrees C here. Enjoying…

  6. This was not VJ work.

    You didn’t voice it.

    I actually have my doubts you were the editor too.

    You may have watched while someone else did the real editing. Even then, you calling this “your” VJ work is misleading. And that’s a polite word for what I really think you are showing us here.

    Next time show something you actually did all by yourself. That includes hearing your voice. Not someone else who may or may not have tweaked your script to make it acceptable for them to voice.

  7. Sorry.
    Its mine.
    I will soon be uploading another one, but frankly I am getting a bit bored with your poor David Caruso imitation. Now it’s time to show us all an example of your work…whatever that is. Put up.. or shut up time.

  8. $ – I read comments making accusations of Michael not producing this content – do you have proof to substantiate your claim this isn’t Michael’s work?

    I doubt it.

    Old school b-roll type detractors are really pretty sad anymore – they hold on to an archaic way of doing things in hopes that things won’t change.

    Denial – it’s a river in Egypt.

  9. Denial – it’s a river in Egypt were along the leafy banks you can see the mythical VJ Newsrooms frolicking successfully… oh no it’s the crocodile of reality biting… poor little VJ’s it as if they never were.

  10. For years Mr. R. has made claims of how much money is wasted on hiring too many people to produce product.

    Then what does he show us?

    A product that took more than one person to produce!

    No different than any other traditional news story!

    The emperor has no clothes people!

    He can’t produce what he claims to teach. That being a product for consumption with the efforts of a single individual!

    Once again we get a shell game by Mr. R. Claims of what should be followed by proof of what isn’t.

  11. Then again, maybe Mr. R. did get some kind of operation which changed his voice to that of a woman. If that is the case then you are correct. I do owe him an apology. But if that is some other woman’s voice on that story then it’s the same type of story that is produced thousands of times a day in TV newsrooms across the world.

  12. You asked to see something I did, and I showed it to you. You don’t like what you see? Too bad! Do VJs save money? You bet they do! In newsrooms or in bigger productions. Is it shaky cam? Sorry. Not.
    Now.. as I asked before. Please post your work.. if there is anything to post.
    (But somehow I am starting to think you are one of those newsroom drones who does not produce much but coffee). or am I wrong here? Please tell me you actually contribute some content we can see.

  13. Sorry Mr. R. I don’t to VJ. No need to. I get paid well enough for my abilities and don’t have to play man-of-a-hundred hats to make a buck.

    You wish I was a simple newsroom drone. It would make you feel so much better about yourself and your little school for VJs.

    Now where were we?

    Oh yes, pointing out your continued inability to post any of your own VJ work. Instead you need to have others do the voice work.

    Seems to me you are the one with the newsroom drone work product.

    Not me.

  14. Well
    What is it you do?
    Come on. Fair is fair/

  15. Keeping in tune with your children playground method of operation of show me yours and I show you mine, here an old one of mine, just to show you Michael that the one man band was alive and well, and was making money for many of us long before you came into the picture.
    This was also long before computer editing. These projects were shot as a OMB (me) in 1992/93 on a Sony VX3 HI8 camcorder, this was the very first 3 chip prosumer camera and the predecessor for the first digital tape format.

    I’m experimenting with different setting for uploading to youtube. It’s a new area for me.

    This was part of a series of ten videos that had to be 7 to 8 minute long, the client was Six Flags Theme Park and they needed these programs to play on monitor for the guests waiting in line to go on rides. This was a100K contract, flat 10K per video all included. I had to deliver one a month. I picked the subject within the client’s guidelines and go with it. 10k per an 8 minute video was considered a bargain back them and they forgave any minor shortcoming that would not normally be acceptable. The low budget did not allowed for a crew so I made it my personal pet project.

    The original HI8 was edited, mastered and delivered on BetacamSP.

  16. Ben has 3 live finds to his credit – so I think I win the community service prize.

    Please note – British accent on voice-over. Expensive but I think it’s worth it.

  17. whoops – wrong video

    this is the avalanche search dogs:

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