Travel Channel Academy NY













5 responses to “Travel Channel Academy NY

  1. looks like someone took you up on your idea of “burn it to the ground” mr.

    krex in grand junction, co. is still up and running.

    do you think they had a crew on scene?

  2. Thank you Michael! This course is the only type of “schooling” in my life that I didn’t want to end! And it hasn’t, I guess…. I’m really excited to keep VJ’ing….To anybody who wants to learn this skill-take the course!

  3. Great class thanks for the experience I look farword to the advanced class. It was very nice to meet everyone the room was definitly overrun with talent.

  4. Thank you for the experience! It was a great class and it has definitely opened my eyes to the world of creating television either for the web or tv. I wish everyone the best of luck in all of their future projects!!

  5. I see ME.. standing tall and red in the back. It was a hot day in the class; sweat was pulsating through my brain with all these ideas and questions. The concepts seemed so easy…’ to simply point, click and shoot’ and I like to consider myself slightly more intelligent than an ‘idiot’ and if Michael says that any idiot can shoot then I got a gust of gusto of a compliment from a very wise man who seems very hard to please. But then again, he revolutionized television and is now taking his campaign into the hands of plebeians, like myself. Oh what fools we mortals be…luckily we can now shoot the journey!

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