The Insanity Is Still Alive


I am deeply disturbed by an emailed blog I received this evening.

It comes from something called “The Synagogue of Satan“, and it is a long, deep and deeply disturbed blog about how Jews both control the media and are using that control to take over the world.

Perhaps this is laughable crap, or perhaps it is indicative of something much worse.

In any event, the site lists the “Jews Who Control The Media”, and I am delighted to be included in such honored company as Sumner Redstone, the Bronfmans, Alan Yentob (this seems to be a UK publication), The Rothschilds, David Putnam and many many more.

He is assisted by his friend Michael Rosenblum, who has been described by the Jewish Chronicle as “the American video journalism guru.”

The reference in this case is to Channel 1, which was a long long time ago, even though the blog was posted today.

There is a sickness loose in this world, and we must do everything we can to stamp it out.

This hits far too close to home for me.


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