Here It Comes



9 responses to “Here It Comes

  1. I’m suddenly scared to lose my job to an idiot 12 year old.

    Seriously, though, very inspiring. I remember how pumped I was after I first heard this speech in lecture.

  2. LOL – Nice analogy Michael.

    This so smacks against the GOB old school shooters . I must have really ruffled someones feathers – I just had some adolescent comment left in moderation on my website by some fake name and email. I can only guess which one of the detractors left it – but it doesn’t matter, I deleted it and moved forward with my day 😉

    You have succinctly stated the obvious – The shift is occurring – although the detractors are gnashing their teeth at the idea.

    Keep it up Michael – there are those who see the changes coming and are willing to adapt.

    Let the adolescent flaming begin.

  3. alleluyah!

    Praise the Rosenblum!

  4. Sign me up, I’m ready!

    Wait till you get your hands on the new Sony EX! – tape is dead, baby! And it shoots true 1080/24p HD on Express Cards. Capture time for 60 minutes is under 10 minutes. Whole new world.

    Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch.
    Love ya, babe – don’t ever change. PF

  5. 5AM!
    PF, you are up earlier than anyone I know!
    Go back to bed!

  6. This is good and succinct but I still love the 60 minute version.

  7. You’ll get to see the whole uncut version when we’re in Brussels next month. (I know a GREAT restaurant).

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