Why The Travel Channel Academy is Unique

Matt Gould explains what the network wants…

If you are production company, you know the hard part is not coming up with ideas.

Everyone has great ideas for new TV shows.

The hard part is not even producing them.

The hard part is getting the meeting.

The hard part is getting in front of the network execs who make the decisions on what to commission, what to test, what to pilot, what to air.

Matt Gould is the VP for Program Development at The Travel Channel.

Part of our partnership with the Travel Channel, part of what the Academy delivers is access to network executives.

This morning, Matt spent the better part of the morning with the group, explaining exactly what the network is looking for for the next season.  He also heard pitches, answered questions and made himself available to the grads now and in the future.

It’s the kind of access most production companies can’t buy.

But for the students, all part of the curriculum.


3 responses to “Why The Travel Channel Academy is Unique

  1. QUOTE: ” It’s the kind of access most production companies can’t buy.”

    Oh but those students did pay for the access to Matt Gould!

    It was not free!

    They had to be a part of the course and the only way to do that was to pay!

    More hoopla and misleading statements about this whole VJ/Travel Channel set up!

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