25 Years Later

Just think…..

It is hard to believe, but we are now preparing for the 25th anniversary reunion of my class at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

People I have not heard from in, oh, 25 years, are beginning to contact one another (thanks to the listserve and the miracle of the web) and recounting stories from a quarter century ago.

I don’t know if my class was an anomaly, but it sure had more than its share of successes as the years went by.

After the reunion (when they publish a list) I will list them all, but the ones that I know about already are quite remarkable.

We had, for example, four Pulitzer Prize winners in the class:

Geraldine Brooks

Tony Hurwitz (who is Geraldine’s husband. They met at school. What dinnertime conversations must be like there!)

Ron Suskind

Mark Maremont

Pretty impressive, no?

Bill Cohan’s history of Lazard Frers won both the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs awards as book of the year.

You can see Cynthia McFadden anchoring Nightline every night on ABC

The list goes on and on….

I was lucky to have been there. Believe me.


3 responses to “25 Years Later

  1. what ! wouldn’t give to be a vj fly on the wall there.

  2. What I wouldn’t give for a can of bug a

  3. “bug a spray”

    ! know there’s an italian joke in there some a where.

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