Searching for the best Belgian beer… (in our downtime).

We are getting close to DNA2008, our VJ oriented, digital news conference in Brussels, Belgium.

The dates are March 3-4.

We’ve got lots of great speakers booked – more than 60, in fact.

Here are a few:

  • Margot Wallström, Vice President, European Commission
  • Helen Boaden, Director of News, BBC News
  • Christian Van Thillo, CEO, De Persgroep
  • Monique Villa, Managing Director, Reuters Media
  • Tyler Brule, Editor in Chief, Founder, Monocle Magazine, Founder, Wallpaper Magazine
  • Adriaan Bouten, Senior VP & Chief Information Officer (I&M), McGraw-Hill
  • Laurel Chamberlain, Director, Digital Media – News, Turner Media
  • Stephen Marshall, Co- Founder, Creative Director GNN
  • Joris Van Heukelom, Director, Cross Media, DAG
  • Edward Roussel, Digital Editor, Telegraph Media Group
  • Maurits van Rijckevorsel, Business Manager Cross Media, De Telegraaf
  • Bas Broekhuizen, Editor, Volkskrant TV
  • Michael Rosenblum, President, Rosenblum TV
  • Reiner Mittelbach, CEO, IFRA
  • Jörg Sadrozinski, Editor in Chief, ARD
  • Charles de Vroede, Deputy Chief Editor, De Telegraaf
  • Willi Ruetten, Director, European Journalism Center
  • Hans Laroes, Editor in Chief, NOS
  • Alexander Houben, Managing Editor, Volksfreund

Of course, a lot of these are Europeans.

For Americans, (who tend to be a rather insular lot), some of these and the other names might seem strange.

Not in Europe.

And there is a lot to learn from them.

Europeans tend to be much further ahead on digital matters than Americans – though we don’t know this for the most part (because only 7% of us even have passports!).

In any event, take a look at the website

And if you can, come over to Brussels.

Airfare is around $550.

Well worth it.

And, for readers of this blog… we are offering a discount of $150. When you register, just type in Rosen1 in the ‘code’ box.


13 responses to “DNA2008

  1. “We are getting close to DNA2008, our VJ oriented, digital news conference in Brussels, Belgium”.

    Otherwise also know as:
    “How to lower the quality of life of photographers by shifting most of their pay to management and owners”

  2. I can always depend on you to make a snide comment based on little or no information or knowledge.

    I tell you what.

    Why don’t you come and see for yourself.

    Then you can comment based on knowing something,

    Until then, you are just talking through your hat.. or some other body part.

  3. Pay for my expenses and my time and I grace you with my presence, otherwise why don’t you just make public official labor statistics regarding the JOB of digital journalists. Such an organized international congregation of outstanding industry brains should have such statistic available, including average current and future earning, benefits, potential advancement and all those good things related to labor. That’s all I’m interested in knowing, I’ve already seen the work.

  4. Ha ha ha…
    Do you know the word chutzpah?
    Well, while the world media leaders are meeting we’ll be thinking of you sitting by the pool down there in Tampa.
    have fun.

  5. Oh well, win a few…….. how about just those labor statistics then?

  6. When I have the budget of the federal government, I will be more than happy to publish and process statistics as they do. Alas, I don’t have the power to tax to fund these things. If you would care to make a contribution, however, we will apply it to crunching the numbers.

  7. A lot of people have already contributed to your funds, 9000 according to you. More than sufficient to create statistical informations about VJ earnings before asking other to give you money for promises of a non existing career.

    A career is all about numbers and without statistical information there is no career.

  8. Dear Nino,

    “A career is all about numbers and without statistical information there is no career.”

    Dear Pablo
    Your mother tells me you want to become an artist.
    I am strongly against this.
    I have had a very successful career in the Life Insurance Business. Most life insurance salesmen make between 50-100 thousand dollars a year. There is a good retirement program and health care.

    Most artists fail.
    This is what the statistics tell us.
    And, as my good friend Nino at the Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club tells me, there is no career without statistics.

    Therefore, I strongly advise you to put down that paintbrush and any dreams you have of being an artist. Life insurances sales is your future.

    Much love
    Your dad
    Mort Picasso
    General Agent
    Tampa Bay Insurance Associates

  9. Dear Dad

    Yes I understand that being a professional visual artist was an ambitious path in your day.

    But these days “Any idiot can do it”.

    Your son

    Church of the Rosenblum
    NY NY

    PS please send $2500.

  10. Dear Pablo
    While waiting for Nino to tee off this morning, I ran into Michael Eisner at the Tampa Bay Golf and Tennis Club.

    He tells me that there are now that the web can carry paintings, the demand for paintings has apparently never been higher and it seems its just getting started.

    When I was a boy, you had to go to a Cathedral to see a painting, and they took years to make.

    I hear with iPainter anyone can try to make a painting and a little cost. Maybe you’ve got talent, maybe you don’t but it sure seems like a different world than when I was a kid.

    I tell you what. I send you the check for $2500, and you take a crack at this. For your sake I hope it works out. To tell you the truth, I have hated every day of selling Life Insurance, and I always wanted to be a photographer, but my dad scared me away.

    Much Love

  11. Dear Dad

    I can make $50K in 30 seconds scribbling a couple of lines on a table napkin.





  12. Yes, but I bet if young Pablo would go to his mom and ask for $2500 for learning to become an artist because this so called teacher claims that Pablo can have a successful career and sale his painting everywhere like other students of this so called teacher did, his wise mom would want to see some positive proofs instead of just a lot of talk, and when she’ll find that this teacher is all talk and nothing to show she’ll tell young Pablo to go to a real teacher, someone who can actually show proof of successful students and other that are actually working. There’s a fool born everyday but mom is no fool.

    And BTW, I don’t play golf but I have a nice in ground pool in my backyard. I’ve been working on Spring Training stories for the last 8 days straight and I’m booked solid until the end of March. On many of these days I have 3 crews working in different camps too. Half of these days are HD.

    And guess what, five camps so far, all big media events with as many as 20 TV crews covering the camps and not a single VJ in site. All your talk of success and in the real world they are still as invisible as always.

  13. It’s genuinely very complex in this active life
    to listen news on Television, thus I only use the web
    for that purpose, and take the most up-to-date information.

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