NBC Network News Goes VJ


I am, of course, sorry they did not go with us, but as NBC starts running these ads, it would seem the ‘theoretical’ part of our conversation is now officially over.


7 responses to “NBC Network News Goes VJ

  1. don’t feel bad… nbc does things on the cheap.

    you’re more of a tiffany-type operation.

    know your segment and charge accordingly for your services…. nbc may have read about your penchant for luxury yachts.

  2. yeah… but there goes the plane!

  3. Oh the sky is falling!

    Just another ad from another school trying to make a buck with the carrot of working for NBC, maybe, somewhere.

    NBC has the most severe financial problems of any of the traditional big three nets.

    Like KRON, WKRN, Young Broadcasting as a whole, this plea for help in a carefully scripted ad for a SCHOOL is nothing new.

    Neither are the kids who will pony up some money for classes that lead to nowhere.

  4. This is something very interesting, it kinds of sums it all up. Look two different approaches to the same objective, both using videos. If someone would have to invest in a potential career, which one do you think they they would choose?



  5. I don’t know Nino. I think my ad is pretty good. The NBC one is a bit too ‘newsy’ for most folks, I think

  6. i’m guessing nino dresses in all white.

    since rosenblum dresses in all black and it seems like this board is a real life version of mad magazine’s spy vs. spy, it only makes sense.

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