Travel Channel Academy – DC

We have just completed another fantastic 4-day run of the Travel Channel Academy at Discovery HQ in Silver Spring, Md.

The classes were great, and the students were visited and met with Pat Lafferty, Chief Creative Officer; Matt Gould, VP for Development; Sue Norton, VP for Short Form Programming and Elizabeth Browde, Executive Producer for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, as well as the usual group of Travel Channel execs who work with us. They also go a surprise visit from Travel Channel Media President and GM Pat Younge, who wandered over on Sunday morning and sat with the students individually as they screened and edited their second round pieces. My recommendation was to take Pat’s advice on how to structure he pieces and write the scripts – he’ll be looking at then all later this week (and if you want to have a successful career in cable, its a good idea to listen to what the President of the network suggests).

Next sessions: Chicago, NY and then back to DC.

And don’t forget our Advanced Sessions for 2008 – South Africa, Australia and Thailand!










3 responses to “Travel Channel Academy – DC

  1. Great class. From someone that never picked up a camera or used video editing software, to making my first film in only 2 days was fantastic. Anybody that wants to know what the class is like email me! I cant recommend this class enough.

  2. Greetings! I teach English at a private school here in the U.S. Virgin Islands and recently I’ve focused on the Photo Essay with my High School Students. We use Mac and Windows Movie Maker and the results have been great in terms of what we have been able to accomplish. While I teach “concepts” I can’t turn the camera on. I am considering Travel Channel Academy. Do you think I’ll get more out of this than say, a documentary film class or something?


  3. Well, the bootcamp and a documentary film class are two totally different animals. We are very hands on. The bootcamp is really about making compelling films and video storytelling. The end product here is very short (like 1:00) films that are evocative and to the point. I should think that this kind of thing would resonate much more with your students than a documentary class (most conventional docs tend to be pretty unwatchable, imho, though there are certainly exceptions).

    Living in the USVI though… man what a deal! Maybe we can run one down there!!

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