Greetings from Brussels

who the hell are Avalon and Havana?

Many people have told me I belong in an institute, and now I am in one.

The Rosenblum Institute.

Founded by Concentra, the Belgian media company, it is a training center for videojournalists throughout Europe.  The Rosenblum Institute, of course, is one of the sponsors of DNA2008, which is kicking off this weekend.   But before that starts, we are running a 2-day intensive training course for VJs who have come all the way from South Africa for the session.

But now the Rosenblum Institute has signed a partnership with the Dutch Media Academy in Hilversum. They are the largest media training institute in the Netherlands. They offer 60 courses and last year taught more than 1700 students.  We think its a good partnership.

Meanwhile, the name on the door will not change. (Except maybe we can move above Havana and Avalon?)


13 responses to “Greetings from Brussels

  1. 😀 I have no words 😀

  2. This all sounds so familiar.

    Rosenblum starting a school.

    Hmmm. Where have I heard that one before?


    Better yet. He’s starting a school, with another school!

    Maybe you can start a DV Dojo Institute too!

  3. Exporting what’s no good, a win for quality and skills in in American

    BTW, Cliff, got passport?

  4. Congrats.

    And the light coming out of your head gives you a nice beatific glow.

  5. Yet for some strange reason I am unable to see my own reflection in a mirror.

  6. “Yet for some strange reason I am unable to see my own reflection in a mirror.”

    Vampires who suck blood from people also have the same symptoms.

  7. Oh no!
    Are you sure?????

  8. Actually Michael the light shining from your head reminds me of Tharg the alien publisher of a Sci Fi mag called 2000ad.

    When I was a kid they predicted lots of big changes technology would bring… unlike Michael they got some right. 😉

  9. As soon as I get done here, I’m gonna get in my flying car and head down to NZ

  10. I’ll get started on the tinfoil hats

  11. patrick "cyclops" leemans

    The modern day VJ has a built-in camera on his forehead. Just like Mr. Rosenblum in this picture. A way of taking the digital revolution just a step further on evolutionary ladder.

  12. “Oh no!
    Are you sure?????”

    Honest truth Michael, my great great grandfather was from Transylvania. They changed their eating habits about a century ago when women started complaining that they couldn’t see themselves putting on make-up. Still to this day when there’s a full moon they have craving for a rare steak.

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