VJ Jobs


The Houston Chronicle is looking for a videographer to shoot a wide
variety of video for chron.com, the newspaper’s Web site. Work will
range from breaking news to shorter features, and would include
projects with the sites online channel producers. The applicant must
be able to edit video on deadline, sometimes while still in the field.

Requirements: Strong digital video shooting with intermediate or
better editing skills. Some full-time visual journalism experience.
The ability to work independently or as part of a multimedia team,
interviewing subjects and scripting video projects as needed.

Please send a resume and examples of your work to Diane Cowen at


6 responses to “VJ Jobs

  1. But Michael, isn’t “getting a job” against your VJ teaching?

    “…if you live a life as an employee and never take a risk, if you never make a mistake, you never really learn anything”

    Don’t those poor failing VJ employed by newspapers know any better then getting a job? Just look at your VJ masterpiece Cliff, how happy he is being unemployed.

    Michael, you remind me of a toy that I had when I was a child, you know those that you wind up and they go until they hit an obstacle, then change direction until the next obstacle, then again and again and again.

  2. I don’t know Nino,
    From the amount of time here, I get the impression you have a lot of free time on your hands.
    In any event, you were the one who said that VJs don’t get jobs. Apparently this is not really the case.

  3. Looks to me like it’s ONE job!

    So you’ve still got at least 8,999 VJ grads still looking for work.

    Including Cliff if he actually had the gumption to even take the class!

    This is of course assuming they would hire a Rosenblum graduate in the first place!

    Nino’s post made me laugh this morning.

    And to see Rosenblum, once again, avoid standing behind his own words, is no surprise.

  4. If you look at the photo on the entry below, I am indeed ‘standing behind my own words’
    They say “Rosenblum Institute”

  5. Nino and $ – again you seem to think that I place value on what you have to say about me as being important – and again I ask – what part of “you are mistaken” don’t you understand???

  6. For once you are right Cliff, there’s hasn’t been any value or importance in anything you ever said or anyone said about you.

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