Rosenblum Institute Coming To South Africa

Where the hell is lunch?

We spent the day today at the Rosenblum Institute in Brussels meeting with Concentra News execs as well as a team that flew up yesterday all the way from Capetown, South Africa.

Among other things, we’re going to open a Rosenblum Institute in Capetown!

There appears to be an extraordinary appetite for VJ training, both for professionals in the South African television industry as well as locals. The SA television market, held in check for so long by the Apartheid government, (there was no television at all until the 1970s!) is now undergoing a vast expansion on all levels. And broadband is going to leapfrog both in SA and the rest of the African continent.

And now, we’re going to a part of it.

More sessions tomorrow, but I think we’ll all be meeting again in Capetown before the year is over.


4 responses to “Rosenblum Institute Coming To South Africa

  1. From The BBC:

    South Africa hit by ‘brain-drain’
    Thousands of skilled young South Africans are continuing to emigrate in search of a better life, draining the country of much-needed economic resources.

    Up to 100,000 people are believed to have left South Africa over the last three years, and 70% of skilled South Africans still in the country say they are considering emigrating, despite government calls for them to stay and help their country.

    Many professionals have left for better paid jobs
    Most give fear of crime and the Rosenblum institute as the reason behind their decision to go…

  2. I meant to put a 🙂 at the end of that

  3. “South Africa hit by ‘brain-drain’”

    Ideal demographic for Michael’s trainees skills.

  4. if you see my two-tone silver/black jaguar v-12 xjs (1975) running around joburg, would you kinda give a shout out to the bloke behind the wheel?

    man, i hated to see that car put into a container and shipped out of ny.

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