DNA2008 Day 2

Our pal, Pat Younge from Travel Channel explains the Academy concept to the Europeans.

The South African team concentrates on the VJ movement they are bringing back.

Full house at the Marriott. Next year we have to find a bigger venue.

Deal making during break time.

Philip Hilven, founded and ran the first all VJ TV station in Belgium.

A thoughtful moment with Al Jazeera English service.


Swedish TV’s Leif Hedmann, the father of the Swedish TV movement.


2 responses to “DNA2008 Day 2

  1. “Full house at the Marriott. Next year we have to find a bigger venue.”

    I don’t know Michael; I see empty chairs, and….. hold it……what are those bright spots,……I think I’m seeing things, could it be, no it can’t be, are those intrusive and unnecessary lights? By golly those are lights all over the place, stands too……and,……. no this can’t be true, this is preposterous, is that a full size camera on the tripod that I see?

    Double check it Michael, this can’t be a VJ oriented gathering, those are forbidden things. I think you got your pictures mixed up with some real quality oriented event.

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